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The Educational Trust: One of the premier non-profits dedicated to raising the quality of American education. Focus is on standards, the levels of achievement students need to reach, and how parents can ensure their children’s schools meet those important levels.

Family Involvement Network of Educators: Part of Harvard University family research that promotes partnerships between schools, families and communities. A wealth of research and studies about how parent involvement is paramount to student success.

One Dream, Two Realities: Research study sponsored by Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation on parental perspective nationally about their educational goals for their children, and the reality of whether state educational systems are prepared to meet those goals.

Parent Education Network: A non-profit dedicated to increasing public awareness of the importance of investing in public education. Good network of activists on the front lines offering a wealth of knowledge to share.

Educational Information

Public Library HW HelpHomework Help Center at the San Diego Public Library. Authoritative and wide-ranging clearinghouse of information to help parents learn fast about the educational system, so they are better able to help their kids and hold schools accountable. We love the slogan: Involved parents. Successful kids.

The Nation’s Report Card: Better known as NEAP. The most authoritative assessment — much quoted by the media and policy makers — of the skills and knowledge of U.S. students, as measured by standardized tests. While not a one-size-fits all measurement, it offers a wealth of data about parent awareness and school performance.

National Network of Partnership Schools: Centered at the renowned Johns Hopkins University educational research institute, this site links schools, districts and state education departments committed to school+family+community partnerships.

National PTA: The grandmother of parent involvement. For more than a century, this group has been the leader of parental involvement. Among its wealth of resources are the National Standards for Parent/Family Involvement Programs and project ideas.

PTO Today: Non-profit Parent-Teacher Organizations are similar to PTAs, with their central mission being family involvement to boost student success.

Parent Information and Resource Centers: The federal government’s Department of Education funds this program offering more than 75 centers nationwide to provide training, information and support for their children’s developmental and academic needs — including a center in San Diego.

Parent Institute for Quality Education: A locally based non-profit with a national reputation, this group offers hands-on training for parents to help them get more involved. Focus is on non-English speaking parents.

Testing: All About Assessment and Tips for Helping Your Student

Best Practices: Test Preparation: Excellent collection of articles by experts on helping students get through what has turned into the testing season. From Scholastic, the longtime educational publishing company.

Resources to download and duplicate

Culturally Responsive Parent Involvement: Excellent booklet from leading educators offering tips and strategies ensuring diversity approach for school community to be more effective.

Parent Involvement Matters: Printable bookmarks that detail how parent involvement has a positive impact on student achievement. Hundreds of research studies show that when families get involved, children do better in school. English |Spanish

Obama Poster: The President on Education: Printable 8×10 poster of the president with an inspiring quotation about America’s need for parent involvement in education. Handy for classroom/parent lounge wall art. English | Spanish