Project Ujima

Project Ujima is named for the Kwanzaa principle of collective work and responsibility, and it is in that spirit we involve the community. Ujima is the third of the seven principals behind the annual seven-day holiday celebrating African-American culture. And just like the holiday, our program makes raising student academic success something to celebrate.

Our commitment to boosting student achievement really shows in Project Ujima. This dynamic program is devoted entirely to engaging African-American families in reaching that all-important goal: student academic success.

Project Ujima offers a series of free evening classes for parents and guardians of African-American students. Our program taps the rich diversity of knowledge and experience within African-American communities.

To help busy families take part in our programs, we provide free childcare and free dinner in many of our classes, depending on location. Plus, we offer free homework stations during parent classes, so children can be with their families in a safe environment focused on academics. Interpretation service available in Spanish.

Contact information:

Lori LaPointe