School Site Council (SSC)

School Site Council (SSC): Decision-making group that provides oversight on matters dealing with federally- and state-funded programs: Title I and Title I Parent Involvement programs. Develops School Plan for Student Achievement. Required at all schools. More information...

Site Governance Team (SGT)

Site Governance Team (SGT): Decision-making group to ensure that teachers, parents, and administration work together on important issues involving the students related to the use of physical facilities, school dress code, discipline, fundraising and parent communication. May also make recommendations to the SSC on budgetary matters related to ensuring academic achievement

English Language Advisory Committee (ELAC)

English Language Advisory Committee (ELAC): School-based committee required if there are more than 21 English Learners at that school. The Committee's role is to advise the district on programs and services for English Learner students.

Parent Teacher Association (PTA)

Parent Teacher Association (PTA): A formal organization composed of parents, teachers and staff that is intended to facilitate parental participation in a school. Some schools may have similar organizations such as PSA, PSO, etc. More information...

Foundation Support

Foundation Support: A non-profit organization that raises funds for the school (grants, athletics, extra curricular opportunities)

Wellness Committees

Wellness Committees: Group of individuals who represent the school and community population. This can include teachers, counselors, school health personnel, administrators, food service staff, students, parents and community members. The committees builds buy-in by involving the greater school community by providing opportunities for participation and decision-making. The council advises and advocates for school wellness programs and policies. More information...