Welcoming Environments

The Welcoming Environments Initiative helps to make sure that all of our schools are places where families and community members feel welcomed, informed, and included. Students, parents and teachers all stand to benefit when families are engaged and connected with their schools.

  1. Students do better in school, improve their attendance and are happier with the school climate.
  2. Parents see increased student achievement, and develop positive and productive relationships with school staff. They have increased confidence in the school and with staff and instructional programs.
  3. Teachers see increased student achievement, and increased parental support. They are active partners in the improved school climate.

CSPS: California School Parent
Our district is seeking your input to continue building learning environments that are safe, caring, academically challenging and healthy. Your participation in this survey will provide our school with important information that we will use to continue to foster positive learning environments for our students and families.
Please complete your survey copy and return it to our school.
We welcome your feedback!

Parent Survey Window: April 1 – May 30th

“From early childhood through high school, families make key contributions to student learning. School improvement programs are much more effective when schools enlist families in the process. Regardless of income level or education background, all families can—and do—support their children’s success.”

-Beyond the Bake Sale—The Essential Guide to Family-School Partnerships (2006) (pp 2-3)