Special Education Ombudspersons

The Office of Ombudsperson was created to facilitate resolution of special education issues. Ombudspersons are not parent advocates nor district decision-makers, but work impartially with all parties to assist in the resolution of concerns related to students' special needs. This typically occurs within the Individualized Education Programs (IEP) process.

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Inter-Cultural Relations Team

The Inter-Cultural Relations Team supports and builds agency, empowerment of students and their families with multiple tiers of supports and community partnerships to address inter-cultural relations, and the needs of diverse communities.

- Inter-Cultural Literacy
- Culturally Relevant Practices and Curriculum
- Professional Development
- Anti-Bullying


 LGBTQIA Education and Advocacy functions under the Office of Youth Advocacy and is a completely integrated program within San Diego Unified School District that collaborates with other programs to make schools safer for all students including gay, lesbian, bisexual/pansexual, transgender, queer/questioning, intersex, and asexual students.

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Indian Education Program

The Indian Education Program supports and addresses the unique educational and cultural needs of urban American Indian and Alaska Native students who attend schools in the San Diego Unified School District. Some of the academy services offered are:

- Tutoring and mentoring
- Dropout prevention counseling
- Parent-teacher consultations
- Monitoring of student grades and attendance
- College scholarship application assistance

Foster/Homeless/CSEC Family Advocacy

 Every student in our district is ensured access to the same opportunities for academic achievement and supports, including children and youth in foster care. 

Military Family Advocacy

The important service our military families provide for our district and country is genuinely appreciated at our district. We recognize that transitioning in and out of schools is a challenging experience, and it is one we strive to make easier for you. 

Refugee Family Advocacy

 San Diego Unified School District welcomes newly arrived refugee students and families who enhance the vibrant diversity of our schools. 

Equity Coalition

Student Equity Ambassador voices lead a multi-stakeholder coalition to address and take action on equity issues in SDUSD

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Parent Education

This course catalog and resource guide is designed to help schools increase parent involvement, to engage parents in their children’s education and to help you meet Title I ESEA Parental Involvement Requirements, Section 1118. We provide a variety of classes and programs for parents at schools.

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Center for International Families and Students

DACA, CA Dream Act, and International Host Families

SDEA Home Visiting Project

The SDEA and FACE Team are partnering and piloting this new initiative to help schools build stronger relationships in our communities. To learn more about the Teacher Home Visit Project

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