San Diego Unified School District

San Diego Unified School District

Family and Community Engagement Department - Stanley Anjan, Executive Director4100 Normal Street, Room 2244, San Diego, CA 92103 - Office: (619) 725-7365

Dear Families:

The San Diego Unified School District is in the first year of conducting the California School Parent Survey, which is part of the CA Healthy Kids survey. This will be a yearly District-wide initiative that will allow us to better understand and identify strengths and areas for growth in terms of our family and community engagement.

This survey is an opportunity for you to help this school by sharing your opinions about it. Your opinions are important to us and the school is interested in hearing them. The school will use your responses to guide family engagement. Your answers will also be used to continue our collective work toward enhancing positive learning environments for all students and families.

We are interested in hearing your thoughts on this school’s efforts to promote academic success and well-being for every student, regardless of race, religion, ethnicity, language, disability, or other characteristics.

If you have more than one child at this school, please think about the oldest of these children as you answer these questions.

Please note that all surveys were printed in the language that you indicated in your enrollment packet via PowerSchool. Answer all survey questions based on your experiences at this school only. We appreciate the time you are taking to express your opinions. As soon as you complete the survey, please return to this school.  The deadline to complete this survey and return it to the school is on May 31, 2017.

There is NO need to write your name on this survey. Your answers will be completely private and unknown to others.

We look forward to hearing from you.



Counseling and Guidance Department    Family and Community Engagement Department

   Noemi Villegas, Ed.D.                                                Olga Venegas, MA